100 PCS 8 mm Gold Spikes Studs Iron On, Hot Fix, or Glue On - Free Shipping

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QTY: 100
Size: width 8 mm - height 5 mm
Color - Gold
Shape - Spikes Studs

These can be applied by: Iron On, Hot Fix, or Glue On
These have a glue filled back that you can just heat up.

These can be used for a number of items. They work great on:

Fabrics - just position them and lay a hot iron on them for approximately 15 seconds - always test a small spot first. Depending on the heat of your iron it may take a few second more of less.

iPhone Cases, Phone Cases, Sunglasses - Not sure about the iron.... but apply a hot point to the top of one for a few second, use double sided tape or additional glue without heat works fine also.

Belts, Shoes, Wood Projects, Foam Decorations (iron not suggested for foam), Backpacks, Shirts, Jeans, any clothing item, hair accessories... You name it.... it can probably be personalized. Create your own design. The method of which you apply it just may change depending on the material you are applying it to. Please apply carefully and safely. If applying with heat, they can be repositioned with the same amount of heat if need

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